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Pulse Systems

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    3020 North Cypress Drive, Sute 200 Wichita, KS 67226

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Very poor. 48 months ago 0
An EHR is essential to the metadata requirements of organized healthcare. In a Geriatric practice the number of interacting problems overwhelms the flat file design of Pulse. Additionally the number of files builds significantly requiring an improved search capability. Lastly the volume of not useful information in a EPIC generated hospital discharge note makes cut and paste extracts necessary. This is especially important in Pathology reports, where an error in complex genetic coding of a cancer effects treatment and in Radiology reports where a description of a lesion needs to be pasted into the Problem associated with the lesion. 62 months ago 0
Basically worthless investment. Lost time. Lost revenue. has negatively impacted patient care. hasn't lived up to promise and I know of no private practitioner that thinks their own EHR has been of good value in medicine. 83 months ago 0
The touch speed of Pulse is inadequate. The management of the problem list by urgency and interior detail is inadequate. I am concerned that in conversion to ICD-10 8 years of granularity will be lost. We started in 2006 with Allscripts and shifted to Pulse in 2012. In spite of significant preparation significant granularity was lost. My paper records on some patients extends back to 1980. The inability to import or export searchable, secure PDF documents with photos and imbedded radiology images is unsatisfactory. The flat file architecture makes associative search difficult especially when trying to provide longitudinal information. Creating a new record from a previous record is an onerous uncompensated task that is fraught with difficulty in a complicated new patient. Initially Pulse was very responsive, but as server speed. Possibly due to the complexity of the tasks needed in today's care area increased, corporate responsiveness decreased. AMA will do an important job if you are able to show which products continue to improve satisfaction after 4 years of continuous use. 83 months ago 0
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