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Prime Clinical Systems, Inc.

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I dislike meaningful use, actually I call it a meaningful waste of my time. I detest Obamacare and the government's further intrusion into my professional life. If my reimbursements continue to plummet due to Obamacare cuts to Medicare, I will leave Medicare. I foresee myself in ten years actually not seeing patients and working in Industry. 96 months ago 0
Prime Clinical is a small company, probably losing ground to bigger, better capitalized companies. The features I have liked (and which prompted me to choose it) include my ability to format a note to look like ones I would generate - not one stamped from a template with ridiculous lists of negatives I wouldn't consider. The main fault we have found over time is that we don't like the interface with our Practice Management system. Ultimately, we may move to a combined EMR&Practice Management system. 108 months ago 0
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