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LMR is no good for ophthalmology, and if you belong to more than one hospital, they each require different EHRs! 63 months ago 0
Our EHR has ruined my life. 77 months ago 0
"Copying and pasting" of information, and the use of templates makes many clinical notes worthless. 94 months ago 0
As an ID consultant, I find the ability to view the notes of others from my and other network insitutions to be invaluable. 104 months ago 0
This is an in-house product that has evolved by periodic updates. As a result it is non-intuitive and so complex that even veteran users are clueless about certain modalities. It does not communicate with 4 or 5 other electronic systems that one needs during the day (eg, ordering xrays, seeing scanned inpatient charts,etc). It does not automatically capture what goes on during hospitalizations. It alone has made my enjoyment of medicine decline by at least 50% and has probably doubled the time I spend with patient notes and data. If this is to be the system for the next 10 yrs and if I had a marketable skill I would leave medicine in a flash. 104 months ago 0
I am presently on leave of absence. My comments apply to my experience 18 months ago. I am a huge fan of the EMR. I found it very easy to write notes for follow-up visits. e-prescribing is a great function. The EMR system was imposed by the hospital, but I have been very satisfied with it. There is a patient portal. 18 months ago our practice was not using it, but that was set to change - another improvement in patient care. 106 months ago 0
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