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NextGen Healthcare Information Systems Inc.

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    795 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044

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Score = 2.98 | nValue = 373

Feedback Date User Comments EHR Rating
Overall dissatisfied with the product especially compared to others and to 2007 31 months ago 0
Too expensive, slow to update, every required feature is a new charge. 31 months ago 0
Absolutely horrendous. I can't believe this product is even on the market in 2017. 39 months ago 0
I met recently with a programmer and they knew all the kinds of problems we had but never bother to address the problems and file them under customization 55 months ago 0
We are in the process of transitioning to Epic. 57 months ago 0
In many ways I feel that it has made more work for me. 57 months ago 0
Most of the dissatisfaction has to do with the amount of TIME everything takes--it shouldn't take 10 steps to order labs when I could write them down and hand it to my nurse in seconds. A lot of the work is shifted it ME--I end up with 90% of the portal work and the med work and the ordering of tests--yet I haven't gotten less staff or more money--the only part I like is the med module. Our EMR also has too many ways to do everything with none being more advantageous. 57 months ago 0
The product is good, but what makes it work very well is the third party reseller that provides support and service. They are EXCELLENT, and much of the credit for this EHR working for me goes to them, TSI Healthcare. 58 months ago 0
We have now been with our system for 8 years. I call every upgrade a downgrade. The system was more functional in 2008 than 2015. Meaningful use has been a complete disaster for the system 58 months ago 0
interconnectivity a BIG issue; orientation to clinical care a second-thought issue 58 months ago 0
This is remarkably poor software. It makes every part of practice more difficult and removes focus from patient care to clicking boxes. Quality, efficiency and cost of care have all become much worse, resulting in patient and provider dissatisfaction. 68 months ago 0
As a product, NextGen is the most poorly planned and realized sotware system that I have ever used. As a organization, it's absolutely amazing that NextGen remains financially solvent. 76 months ago 0
Terrible program. It is defective and vendor is poorly responsive. 76 months ago 0
Hearing all the complaints from other physicians, I think I will stick to what I have. The systems create more non-revenue work for me and all clinicians. 76 months ago 0
Not able to easily record my thinking and decision making so another provider can understand the rational for my decision making. 76 months ago 0
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