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You're asking the wrong questions. I don't like my EHR because it increases my workload without offering benefit to the patients in terms of intercommunication between doctors or care settings. I very carefully entered my patient's medicine allergy into my chart, but when she ended up in our affiliated ER, she was prescribed the very medicine she was allergic to! I am working as a data entry clerk instead of as a thinking doctor, and I am paying more attention to my screen than my patients. It has dramatically changed my practice, but not for the better. Yes, one can READ the notes from other doctors, but they are not often worth reading. 89 months ago 0
I have used of MedInformatix for 10 years. I agree with the earlier comment that Medinformatix, like many EHR systems, requires excessive scrolling and clicking. I use the add-on program Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA) by Integrated Business Intelligence Solutions ( to address these issues. EMA allows high level customization and efficiency that I believe is unmatched in the EHR industry. 94 months ago 0
Our office (two person practice) is part of a large multi-site specialty practice. The practices all function independently, share IT services. I find our EMR involves much too much scrolling, clicking, resizing windows and jumping thru different screens both to document information or especially if one is trying to orient oneself to a complicated case. The time factor to negotiate the documentation in even a simple patient encounter adds an irreducible and non-compensated loss in productively that has been tough to eliminate. 107 months ago 0
The advantage of Medinformatix is open source code using MS-SQL. Fully integrated products on single platform. Can edit on-the-fly without needing to call the vendor. Meaningful Use for a solo family doc is a huge undertaking. Some of it misguided. Documentation processes are longer as a result. Not sure yet that it is worth the effort. Just got a request from an attorney for the 'complete medical record', including all transactions in the EMR as specified by HIPPA. Not sure yet if this is an accurate interpretation of HIPPA, but it makes one pause. If every key stroke I make is open to legal scrutiny, maybe scanning hand-written notes is the better option. 108 months ago 0
MedInformatics does allow one to do the immediate things one needs in an EHR in a patient encounter. Such as produce a problem list, med list, a note, check labs, and prescribe. However the amount of clicks and functions to do this is not efficient and intuitive for the user. For example there are links that lead to more links that lead to more links for information you should be able to review immediately. Each patient chart does have a clipboard when you first open the program that you as a practice as a whole can customize with pertinent information like the med list, allergies, problem list and Health Information which lists their preventative history, but once you are in the encounter generating the note you have to click out of the note to links to retrieve this information again. We want to become a "Medical Home" practice needing to meet several quality performance measures and make the EHR efficiently manage the back flow results etc and this EHR is just too "in-adaptable" to continue to waste resources to make it work. Be very careful to assume that if a EHR meets "meaningful use" that it will work for "Medical Home" requirements. Because an EHR meets "meaningful use" it is not necessarily adequate for actual use. 115 months ago 0
Initially very good, but has not adequately changed with newer demands, ie the 'meaningful use' guidelines. 128 months ago 0
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