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I don't think I would be happy with any EHR. My main complaint with this one is the poor interface with other EHRs. 76 months ago 0
My EHR is efficient because I am a fast typist. Otherwise, after 21 years of practicing out of paper charts, I do not find that it has improved patient care in my practice, but has added significantly to my overhead and an extra 2-3 hours to my workday. Not to mention musculoskeletal issues with my hands and shoulders from typing for hours. Even with templates to fill in. No money in primary care for a scribe. As noted above, the expense, rising annually, will close this practice in the not too distant future. 77 months ago 0
I cannot say enough bad things about it. 96 months ago 0
Not user friendly. Does not meet criteria for PQRS reporting through EHR. 112 months ago 0
Lytec MD works for what I do. I have not gotten Lab Corp etc portals because they are too expensive for me to set up....thousands of dollars. I am worried about privacy breaches with the patient portals and the large payouts that have happened so far because of patient information theft and inadvertent loss. 115 months ago 0
Purchased this EMR because it was linked with my office management product Lytec. Seamless integration of 7 years of records, billing etc. EMR are not ready for use, they are put together by programers who know nothing of what we do. Don't disagree with the necessity, but there is no such thing as a good EMR. I can now see half as many patients in twice the time. 116 months ago 0
I have found the local vendor inept in managing my hardware problems. I suspect as a solo practitioner, that they had no interest in making me a valued customer. There was no schedule spelled out by date and time as to the implementation. It was nearly 5-6 months between the original practice management training and the EHR training. I have lost confidence in the company solving my problems. "Trying as hard as I can" is an inadequate response- it is an unacceptable response for me to my patients when they expect something done, and unacceptable to me when I ask for remedy of a problem. I cannot believe that this company could install their systems in other medical offices and fail as completely as I believe they have on my account. I understand my own difficulties in learning the EHR program, but the hardware installation issues have been overwhelming. I am nowhere close to managing lab and imaging data etc into the system, since I need to have some assurance that the first phase of use has been successful. 117 months ago 0
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