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Your questions imply that EMRs improve patient safety etc., when that has never been shown to my knowledge. Different errors, yes, but not less errors. In our experience this EMR is a patient safety and health hazard. It slows me down, I am working at least 1-2 hours after patient care either at home or in the office. The hospital that provides EMR results in changes in problem and medication lists that are inaccurate when the patient goes to the hospital or ER. 96 months ago 0
We have been on this system for 5 years and still have difficulty navigating. 131 months ago 0
This system has greatly increased the length of my workday. Every "upgrade" is a disaster. It is extremely difficult to ascertain what medications a patient is actually taking. I hate to have to send a copy of a patient record to another doc, because the notes look ridiculous and it is so hard to figure out what happened, what's going on, and what my plans might be. 135 months ago 0
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