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Not happy with EHR in general, I don't think it's a problem with this specific vendor. 82 months ago 0
Excellent for urology specific groups. 83 months ago 0
EHR has made me a worse doctor. Congratulations to the federal government in their ability to destroy my profession. As soon as I can find another job in a different profession, I will be getting out of medicine! Our UroChart system is a good system but nothing can replace a feel dictated note! 101 months ago 0
EHR has impacted our efficiency enormously in a negative fashion causing us to spend inordinate amounts of time focused on documentation to the exclusion of patient care. Fitting historical data into computer format leads to "close approximations" which is unacceptable for medical care. Software package lacks many diagnostic codes or HPI sets causing us to choose the closest approximation which leads to poor care. Even an experienced user takes far more time to completely document encounters, acknowledge lab and imaging reports and annotate physical findings than paper charting ever would. ERx is definitely a plus but little else is of value. The "holy grail" of truly integrated data sets will never be realized due to HIPPA challenges and different systems (hospitals, payers, large medical groups) relying on software that refuses to speak to other sources. It's expensive, time consuming, inefficient, inaccurate and yet another hurdle to delivering the quality care we have all striven for. 113 months ago 0
Easier for the person that can type. Takes considerable time and patients in the beginning. Saves time after seeing patients due to automatic referral letters generated by the system. 125 months ago 0
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