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It has no clear cut UI design input from a provider's prospective. Limited to IE browser, not cross-platform, nor iPad readable. 98 months ago 0
I am currently using Dragon Natural Speaking to enter HPI information. I also have templates with typed text that I edit with Dragon for my ROS, Physical exam. Unfortunately this is not discrete data that is entered into the system. I enter the PMH, PSH, Family History, Social History using Dragon in a free text box. If I were not entering data in this fashion I would not be able to use the EHR. I have never been able to view data in the system and use clinical messaging. These tasks are too time consuming. I am taking my work home each night and spending 1-2 hours at home to finish my work. Productivity has suffered in my office. The functionality of the current EHR systems has not met my expectations. I think many physicians struggle with their EHR systems. I am quite concerned that I will not be able to meet meaningful use in 2013. 100 months ago 0
I would not purchase this or any other EHR system again. The concept of an EMR is great but the technology available is primitive at best. The systems are incredibly distracting when trying to see a patient, add tremendous cost and frustration, and dramatically slow productivity. There is no visible benefit to me, my practice,or my patients from this abomination. It appears the only people who benefit are the IT companies. 100 months ago 0
We belong to a multispecialty group. A decision to obtain this EMR system was made without input from Oncology. The system has no oncology-specific features. We have adapted our practice to it as needed. It is "clunky" for us to use. 108 months ago 0
Electronic records have more cons than pros. We are forced to use them, We have no input on how to improve / integrate. They tell us it will be replaced with Epic. These EHR systems were designed by non-physicians with some input and when we tell them how it could be improved they say we can't do that now. The costs for these are exorbitant. Having them means we spend more time looking at a computer screen when we should be face-to-face with patients. The new generations of physicians may have less problems since they never worked with paper charts. What is needed? Voice recognition so dictated notes don't have to be typed, much better systems to find notes and results, and the biggest one is correcting the slowness of going from screen to screen in looking at an EHR. Also the system fails repeatedly, can't fax, complete shutdowns. When these are fixed we are never told what went wrong. 115 months ago 0
I am in my office 2 hours longer to see 4 fewer patients than I did on paper records. In general, the EHR devolves more paperwork (filing, ordering, justifying decisions) to the physician. It saves us the salaries of low-paid filing clerks and mid-level billers and coders at the cost of a highly-paid IT department and much hardware. 116 months ago 0
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