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Very poor support. 82 months ago 0
The legal demands that practices implement a half baked technology that could not easily transfer information from multiple sites and systems and one that TOTALLY transformed the doctor patient relationship has made American medicine destroy itself. Soon we will all be the poorer and unhealthier for it. The only beneficiaries have been the EHR companies, all huge contributors to the political campaigns... for good reason. 83 months ago 0
The primary limiting feature of almost all EHRs is the lack of interoperability and lack of communication between systems. For our EMR, the inability to self-customize templates is a downside. This is turn, is related to the complexity of the programming. Cloud based systems are terrific for their ease of updates and lack of need for on-site technical support; their downside is limitations imposed by the speed of the internet and servers, which translates into delays in screen refreshing each time a new tab is clicked. Caretracker is a product that is maturing, but still lagging behind some of the competition. Overall, it's a very good product. I've looked at many, and don't feel that any of them are stellar. The change in workflow for the staff and physicians is immense. There's been no other change to the practice of medicine that has impacted us more than EMR. This is not necessarily a benefit, and is not specific to this product. 101 months ago 0
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