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I actually enjoy charting. I get nice compliments on my reports to referring physicians. 41 months ago 0
User friendly, fast charting, excellent dashboard with easy to find what you want, complete comprehensive charting in few clicks and while seeing patients without much distraction. Medications refill requests are so easy to handle, you can complete your work in-between seeing other patients. 46 months ago 0
Fast, efficient, doctor friendly, adaptable to changes in health care. Allowed our practice to see more patients, document better and much faster. It also helped improve our billing turnaround time. Cannot imagine my practice without it. 48 months ago 0
Excellent 56 months ago 0
For sleep medicine this has been the ideal platform. It was easy to set up and the training was well done. We would never go back to paper and, having looked at several EMRs, we would choose Praxis again. 57 months ago 0
This is an awesome program. I've tried others but the fact this gives users a chance to build templates on the fly and customize patient record and notes allows for charting to be very much tailored to the doctors practice. It's an EMR system, not a billing system. Most programs that are billing dominant don't give the needed flexibility to note writing. Strongly recommend Praxis. 61 months ago 0
The absolute customizability of the system, which is its main selling point and the reason we were drawn to it, is the main reason why the system is so doggone hard to use. EVERYTHING has to be built by hand from scratch. If you could ever get it all built, it would probably be a great system. But you'll never get it all built. (As a generalization, I have not seen a SINGLE EHR system that does a good job with managing chronic conditions. EHR is great if all you see is colds and earaches.) 68 months ago 1
Benefits build with time as you develop the database relevant to your practice type and style. 67 months ago 0
Survey leads much to be desired. Wish every question had a comment field for me to explain my answers. Had to answer many questions with inadequate response because real answer wasn't available. Q's re billing don't apply to Praxis as it does not have an integrated billing module; we use a separate product for this, but we have had billing computerized since 1995, and the new product works better and is cheaper than the Allscripts product we ended up with. I answered all population health and similar Q's "I don't know" when real answer is "We never got that far." "I don't know" also stood in for "I don't care" for the Q's on problem lists; I and my partner have never used them as we find them useless if your documentation is good enough. I will expand on the final answer - I would not recommend ANY EHR at this time. Full scale implementation of this technology is at least 20 years premature. And I am not a Luddite. I have been watching the development of EHR since 1993, when I sent off for the demo disks for MedicaLogic, the first commercial EMR product (it was written mostly on top of DOS). I did not install an EHR until the government put a gun to my head, and I wish now I hadn't even then -- I would have been a lot better off personally and financially. My practice may never fully recover from this boondoggle. 71 months ago 0
Excellent support. 73 months ago 0
I have used Praxis since graduating surgical podiatric residency in 2003. It has been a very fast, efficient system to use that has cut down on a significant amount of overhead and inefficiency. It has saved me a great deal of time in documenting notes and supporting paperwork. 77 months ago 0
Praxis EMR has by far been the best investment that I've made at my clinic. 81 months ago 0
Excellent system, requires commitment to a learning curve. 83 months ago 0
I suspect that my responses to lots of these questions would be the same REGARDLESS of the EHR system I was using. I do not feel that any EHR system I have ever seen is as easy, fast, complete, or flexible as a pen and a piece of paper. 86 months ago 0
The intuitive aspect of Praxis software is excellent! 88 months ago 0
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