EHR Pricing

AmericanEHR Partners regularly receives requests for EHR pricing information, which is not currently collected on this site. For convenience, we have provided a link to information developed and maintained by the Maryland Health Care Commission.
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The Maryland Health Care Commission - EHR Pricing Guide

The Maryland Health Care Commission data should be used as a guide, however details and pricing are specific to Maryland and potential purchasers should confirm all pricing details with EHR vendors in their state.

When purchasing an EHR, AmericanEHR Partners recommends that price not be used as the primary determinant, but rather one of the factors when making a decision.

Disclaimer: AmericanEHR Partners does not accept responsibility for any of the information available through the Maryland Health Commission. By clicking on the following link, you will be directed to an external website.

Link - Maryland Health Care Commission

Considerations When Pricing an EHR

Licensing/Subscription Fee

Practice Management System

Laboratory Interfaces

Radiology Interfaces

Patient Portals