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Megan Nichols

Megan Nichols is a science writer who enjoys writing about healthcare, psychology and other scientific fields of study.

IoT stands for Internet of Things and refers to objects or devices that are connected to the web and capable of collecting and exchanging data. As you’d expect, that data is stored, analyzed and shared via the internet. If you’re wondering what it has to do with the healthcare industry, IoT essentially makes things more efficient. Healthcare…

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Guest Editorial If you start experiencing new or odd health-related symptoms, where do you go first? For many people, especially those who are uninsured or under-insured, going to do the doctor isn’t always an option, so instead they turn to the Internet for answers. The medical field is one that is constantly growing and changing,…

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Guest Editorial The rise of online social media and the related wave of people sharing experiences, advice and plans has had a huge impact on healthcare. Before social media, as the British Medical Journal points out, patients received advice and referrals from their private social networks — friends, family and their personal physicians. Now, robust…

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