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Edgar Wilson

Edgar Wilson is an independent consultant from Oregon who writes on trends in education, healthcare, and public policy.

Guest Editorial There is a collision of cynicism and optimism in any discussion of Millennial healthcare workers. For those who view the intrusion of digital technology into healthcare as a negative trend, Millennials, with their overdependence on technology, are part of the problem sucking the joy out of medicine. They embrace these interloping devices and…

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Guest Editorial Interoperability is not just a set of technical hurdles, programming considerations, and communication initiatives—though it certainly entails plenty of such challenges. It is about realizing the much talked-about Continuum of Care, aligning doctors, specialists, nurses, patients, pharmacists—the many individuals and operating environments involved in delivering 21st century whole-person healthcare. Glaringly absent from popular…

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Guest Editorial The healthcare industry does not have a rich culture of innovation. While regulatory burdens, enterprise developers, and even generation gaps have taken heat for causing grief over the course of the Meaningful Use program (RIP), there is a legacy of change-resistance in medicine that goes much further than the last ten years. As…

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Guest Editorial As controversial and frustrating as it may be, the federal government’s role in modernizing American healthcare is far from over. Healthcare occupies an unusual role: it is technically a private service subject to free market forces, yet in many ways it is insulated from consumer demand and market pressures of the sort that…

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