AmericanEHR ranked first for EHR ratings

AmericanEHR is Tops in Physician EHR Review Site Analysis

Vince Ciotti and Elise Ames of HIS Professionals LLC have ranked the rankers in a new analysis of the most popular Physician EHR review sites. Their analysis took the five most frequently used Physician EHR review sites for a test drive, and when stacked up against other popular review sites Software Advice, Capterra, EHR Compare, and Software Insider, AmericanEHR came out on top.

In their analysis, they found AmericanEHR, while listing a number of products similar to its competitors, had anywhere between 0-808 reviews, while the site with the second most reviews (Software Advice) sat at 0-489 reviews. AmericanEHR also had the most comparison points for two side by side products, sitting at 19. Other review sites had significantly less–either no opportunity for comparison, or at most 4. That being said, EHR Compare users have the opportunity to compare a larger number of products side by side, so a small tradeoff in that respect does exist between sites.

AmericanEHR also had the most site-verified product reviews, as well as the most extensive and helpful additional resources for site users. AmericanEHR didn’t lag behind any of its competitors in any of the rubric criteria, though did not qualify for “Individual Reviews Published” and therefore was not given a mark in that category. Ciotti and Ames also awarded AmericanEHR the top score in the “Bottom Line” portion of their rubric, which was their final, subjective opinion on the sites post-analysis.


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