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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Vince Ciotti and Elise Ames of HIS Professionals LLC have ranked the rankers in a new analysis of the most popular Physician EHR review sites. Their analysis took the five most frequently used Physician EHR review sites for a test drive, and when stacked up against other popular review sites Software Advice, Capterra, EHR Compare,…

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This past week the Department of Veterans Affairs has announced a big move to abandon their in-house VistA system in favor of a commercial EHR system. VA’s decision has come after years of push from Congress to move to an EHR system that has much stronger interoperability with the DoD’s current system, MHS GENESIS, which…

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In our tech-driven age, a new business model, known as software as a service (SaaS), has come into vogue. The premise is essentially to replace the cost of acquiring and maintaining hardware, licensing software, or trialing different digital solutions by more or less “renting” access to applications through subscription plans. It isn’t entirely unlike the…

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