Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Helps Tackle Silent Killer

Patients looking for a slick way to monitor their blood pressure can now purchase a wireless cuff from Apple stores that’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The FDA approved device, known as QardioArm, has been clinically validated to provide a medically precise reading anytime, anywhere.

This smart blood pressure monitor uses a triple measurement average to assure the most accurate readings and is paired with a powerful iOS app that is integrated with Apple Health and S Health for easy management. The portable device can be taken anywhere, and has built in features to allow users to share their data with their health care provider.

The compact size of the device (measuring 5.5 x 2.7 in and weighing only 310g) doesn’t limit the features available by any means. QardioArm is a powerful home monitoring device with a lengthly list of features, including:

  • Irregular Heart Beat Detection
  • Triple Measurement
  • Photo Slideshow
  • Result Interpretation
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Geo Tracking
  • Easy Data Sharing
  • Email Data to Doctor
  • Add Notes
  • Reminders
  • Friends Notifications
  • iOS, Android and Kindle Compatible

Best of all, the $99 price tag will likely help lower the blood pressure of consumers. With quality consumer health devices like this coming to market at affordable price points, it’s easier than ever for patients to be proactive about their personal health.


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