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Monthly Archives: March 2017

When Henry Ford arranged production of his vehicles on an assembly line, he was laying the foundation for industrial robots to take over the bulk of construction and assembly from humans. It doesn’t matter that such advanced robots didn’t exist when the assembly line revolutionized manufacturing; the important thing is that it standardized the functions…

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Patients looking for a slick way to monitor their blood pressure can now purchase a wireless cuff from Apple stores that’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The FDA approved device, known as QardioArm, has been clinically validated to provide a medically precise reading anytime, anywhere. This smart blood pressure monitor uses a triple…

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As value-based care becomes the primary focus of healthcare organizations, providers now need to broach Population Health Management and to manage it with risk stratification with a delicate balance. It is now important for providers to focus on patients’ individual and distinct health signs and make decisions to take their journey forward to better and…

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