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CES 2017 Unveils Latest Health IT Innovations on Opening Day

CES (formerly known as Consumer Electronic Show) officially kicked off yesterday, January 5th, 2017, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. For those not familiar with CES, it has blossomed since it’s inception in 1967 to become one of the largest trade shows held in Las Vegas, hosting more than 170,000 attendees.

As far as conferences go, CES is the premiere event for emerging technology with many companies planning their product releases around the event just to generate some buzz during their big unveils. 2017 promises to be no different, and we’re already starting to hear about of a number different technologies that will bring innovation and improvement to medicine for both providers and patients.

Here are a couple early standouts to whet your Health IT appetite:


Omron Project Zero 2.0

Omron’s Project Zero 2.0

Omron Healthcare has just released Generation Zero 2.0, an ingenious wrist watch that serves as a blood pressure monitoring cuff and fitness tracker. This is the thinnest blood pressure monitor on the market, so much so that it’s not only small, but it’s attractive and unobtrusive. This will surely make it easier, and more desirable for people to monitor their blood pressure as needed.

There is still no release date available for Generation Zero 2.0 as it still requires FDA approval, but the company is hopeful they’ll be able to ship by year-end. The projected price is $300.

Learn more about Project Zero 2.0 at Digital Trends


Dring Smartcane

Dring Smartcane

The Dring Smartcane, already an Innovation Awards Honoree at CES 2017, is a simple twist on the age old walking device which is typically used by vulnerable elderly populations. The cane’s handle features built in sensors and a GPS that can assist if someone has fallen, gotten lost, or need help. The cane can text, email or call set contacts with an alert when the cane has fallen, or when the button is pressed.

Learn more about the Dring Smartcane


Willow Wireless Smart Breast Pump

Willow Smart Breast Pump

The Willow breast pump is a tear drop shaped, tubeless, hands-free device that rests on a mother’s breasts under her bra. The relatively quiet Willow collects and stores up to four ounces of milk into an internal pouch.

This device frees up the mother from the awkward and messy process of traditional breast pumps, which are typically loud and require the mother’s full hands-on attention. Willow is rechargeable, with a battery lasting up to 2 days, and users can pair theirs with an app over bluetooth. The app tracks pumping sessions by date, time, duration, and volume of milk collected.

Learn more about the Willow Smart Breast Pump


Gaspard Body Position Tracker for Wheelchair Users


Gaspard is a smart connected mat for wheelchairs with a built in under ulcer prevention cushion. Gaspard checks a user’s position and pressure with it’s sensors. Gaspard, which is compatible with multiple pathologies, detects bad posture or positions and notifies users, or their dedicated health care providers, via smartphone. This simple addition to a wheelchair helps users avoid the negative consequences of bad posture and inactivity. It’s particular valuable for new wheelchair users who are unfamiliar with the importance of posture and positioning on their chair, and it also provides another way for providers and/or caregivers to monitor and stay in contact with all users.

Learn more about Gaspard


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