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Monthly Archives: August 2016

IoT stands for Internet of Things and refers to objects or devices that are connected to the web and capable of collecting and exchanging data. As you’d expect, that data is stored, analyzed and shared via the internet. If you’re wondering what it has to do with the healthcare industry, IoT essentially makes things more efficient. Healthcare…

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Guest Editorial What an amazing time to be alive. Not only are we mere months away from Star Trek making its vaunted return to network television, but all indications are that we are on the cusp of having one of the most iconic bits of Star Trek technology available in real life: the tricorder is…

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Electronic health records (EHRs) and health information technology (IT) play a critical role in improving the rate of appropriate immunizations in the United States. The Immunization Integration Program (IIP), a collaborative effort between Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc. (CNI), HIMSS and ICSA Labs — takes immunization workflow mainstream, streamlining and improving overall vaccine administration and management process….

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