AmericanEHR Survey Offers Insight on Efforts to Improve EHR Usability

AmericanEHR Partners has just released their Physicians Use of EHR Systems report. The report is based upon 940 EHR satisfaction survey responses received from clinicians for the period May 30, 2014 and July 18, 2014. The data presented and analyzed in this report not only offers useful insights into a critical challenge that vendors, policy makers, and healthcare providers are facing, it also provides a reference point against which data from future AmericanEHR surveys can be compared.

Sneak Peak: When survey respondents were asked to rate the usability of their EHR system when performing specific tasks, there was great variability in terms of which tasks were rated as easy or very easy and which were rated as difficult or very difficult.  More than two thirds of survey respondents reported that it was easy or very easy to record smoking status (73.2 percent), refill a prescription (69.5 percent), or generate and transmit an electronic prescription (68.7 percent). At the same time, approximately half of the respondents reported that it was difficult or very difficult to import a patient’s medication list (51 percent) or reconcile an imported medication list (49 percent). Differences were also reported between specialties, with primary care respondents generally reporting a higher percentage of easy or very easy tasks across nearly all the activities, as opposed to other specialists.

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Read the full press release on ACP’s website.

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