AmericanEHR Makes eVisit’s Top 100 Healthcare Blogs List

AmericanEHR has been selected as one of the Top 100 Healthcare Blogs by telemedicine software company, eVisit. The list, which eVisit creates annually to recommend to their clinician readership, includes influential marketing blogs, physician community sites, top healthcare news sites and more.

“[The AmericanEHR] blog has a great amount of information on EHR and other health tech. It’s a great place to consult if you’re changing up your tech workflow. And the contributors–from the former senior VP of the American College of Physicians to the Senior Director of HIMSS–are true experts.”

eVisit evaluated every one of the blogs for unique perspective, design of the site/ease of navigation, frequency of publishing, and above all – quality of content. As a company that’s intimately involved in the healthcare content space, they placed an emphasis on sourcing content for the healthcare field that’s informative and engaging – and that could truly make a daily difference to healthcare providers.

Click here to view the full list.



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  • January 4, 2017
    VIVAN Life Sciences

    Great Info. Thanks for sharing This blog. Valuable information.

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