New ONC Data Shows that Meaningful Use Attestation is Nearing the One Million Mark

The latest release of Meaningful Use (MU) Attestation Data by HealthData.gov shows that as of Feb. 3, 2016 there had been 998,709 MU attestations.

Epic Systems Corporation continues to be the market share leader amongst certified EHR systems. “EpicCare Ambulatory – Core EMR” is the single most attested EHR with 110,173 providers qualifying for meaningful use using the system, and “EpicCare Ambulatory 2014 Certified EHR Suite” received an additional 65,031 meaningful use attestations. eClinicalWorks came in at number 3 with 52,641 attestations, and “NextGen Amulatory EHR” trailed closely behind with 50,721 attestations. Rounding out the top 5 was “Allscripts Professional EHR” with 26,591 attestations.

This data has now been incorporated into AmericanEHR’s Meaningful Use Attestation Search Tool. This easy-to-use tool allows users to review and filter meaningful use attestations by: year; medical specialty; state; product setting (ambulatory/inpatient); program (Medicare/Medicaid); provider type (EP/hospital); EHR product; and product classification (complete EHR/modular EHR). AmericanEHR.com also incorporates it’s own EHR satisfaction ratings into the MU Attestation reports to provide insights into the usability and overall satisfaction of each rated product.

Here are the top 20 MU attested EHR products:

  1. EpicCare Ambulatory – Core EMR (110,173)
  2. EpicCare Ambulatory 2014 Certified EHR Suite (65,031)
  3. eClinicalWorks (52,641)
  4. NextGen Ambulatory EHR (50,721)
  5. Allscripts Professional EHR (26,591)
  6. Centricity EMR (22,835)
  7. athenaClinicals (21,132)
  8. Allscripts Enterprise EHR (17,376)
  9. Allscripts Enterprise EHR Complete (15,679)
  10. PrimeSuite (14,007)
  11. Practice Fusion (12,699)
  12. HELP2 Clinical Desktop (12,580)
  13. Centricity Practice Solution (11,715)
  14. MEDENT (10,500)
  15. OfficeMate/ExamWRITER (9,214)
  16. e-MDs Solution Series (8,485)
  17. Vitera Intergy Meaningful Use Edition (8,451)
  18. HELP2 (7,618)
  19. SRS EHR (7,177)
  20. Advantage/EHR (6,075)

AmericanEHR’s Meaningful Use Attestation Search Tool is free and has details on 769 MU attested products, and is available on AmericanEHR’s website: www.americanehr.com/ratings/ehr_ratings/MU-Attestation-Data.aspx

Products with Top 10 AmericanEHR Satisfaction Ratings are also correlated with MU Attestation Records into a dynamic graph on AmericanEHR, and can be filtered by practice size. Products with extremely high satisfaction seem to have under-performed in terms of MU attestation. Out of the top 10 products rate by AmericanEHR, only three products have had more than 5,000 MU attestations:


Top 10 EHR Satisfaction Ratings vs. MU Attestation Records graph


To view the Top 10 EHR Satisfaction Ratings vs. MU Attestation Records on AmericanEHR, visit: www.americanehr.com/ratings/ehr_ratings/satisfaction_mu_attestation.aspx


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