Are C-CDA documents meeting your needs?

ACP is assisting on an HL7 project to address one of the common barriers to the exchange of patient information between providers for continuity of care: the inconsistent use of standards and poor usability.

Many physicians have reported that the Transitions of Care Documents (ToC) using Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) for Meaningful Use are not as useful as they would like due to an excessive amount of information that makes it too hard to find what is relevant and pertinent. To address this issue, ONC and HL7 are working to provide guidance to EHR developers. However, it is important to understand more specifically what causes these problems so that ToCs in the future will be as useful and usable as possible.

We are reaching out on behalf of the HL7 structured documents workgroup, to ask you to take about 10 minutes to complete an online survey that will advise us on specific problems providers have experienced, specific ways where C-CDA documents are currently not meeting your needs, and changes that should be made so that the C-CDA will contribute positively to continuity of care for patients.

Link to short survey : http://goo.gl/forms/SC50zs6ifI

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