Practice Fusion Launches Free Public Access to De-identified Patient Data

San Francisco-based EHR vendor Practice Fusion has just announced the launch of a large health database called “Insight.” This service is free, and access is available to anyone who signs up for a free account.

Dubbed “the nation’s largest real-time healthcare database,” Insight provides analysis of data collected by over 112,000 active clinicians who’s daily activities include 250,000 patient visits, 120,000 prescriptions and over 22,000 diabetics treated.

In the past only huge organizations with incredibly deep pockets would have access to data from this many fragmented sources. Insights puts a powerful toolset into the hands of individuals who want to analyze big data without the need for big budgets. Healthcare providers can search for over 2,000 diagnoses and observe trends over time and by patient type (including age, BMI and sex).

Richard Loomis, MD, and Director of Medical Informatics at Practice Fusion states: “Insight marks the beginning of a new chapter in the healthcare-data revolution. By democratizing access to this data, and offering it for free, to everyone, we’re inviting research institutions, public health organizations, medical providers and the general public to explore Insight, and start using this data to drive creative solutions to our most pressing healthcare problems.”

In addition to diagnoses data, Insights also offers Rx Share, which provides real-time market share for any drug across the US. Users can query the database to see what drugs have been subscribed by Practice Fusion physicians, and how these compare to current and historical market data within their drug class (group of drugs).




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