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SAFER Guides Released by Office of National Coordinator

Last month, ONC released a series of guides to help promote safe EHR practices. Nine guides, collectively referred to as, “Safety Assurance Factors for EHR Resilience” or SAFER Guides cover several important topics. The introductory video explains the rationale behind developing the guides. The SAFER Guides are self-assessment tools to help guide your practice to identify and mitigate risks associated with EHR implementation and use. The nine guides are divided into three categories:

  1. Foundational Guides (High Priority Practices; Organizational Responsibilities)
  2. Infrastructure Guides (Contingency Planning; System Configuration; System Interfaces)
  3. Clinical Process Guides (Patient Identification; Computerized Provider Order Entry with Decision Support; Test Results Reporting & Follow-Up; Clinician Communication)

Each Guide has an introduction section for the topic followed by a series of questions for which the user checks off the implementation status for each recommended practice (e.g., fully, partially, or not implemented). A series of worksheets is then populated with the user’s responses to the questions. The worksheets are used to document the assessment, follow-up actions, and person responsible for working on the challenges identified.

I recommend starting with the HIgh Priority Practices, Clinician Communication, and Contingency Planning Guides and then move onto the other guides.

Click here to download all the Guides in a single zip file (PDF. ~8.2MB).

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