ICD-10 Conversion Covered in NY Times

An article by Andrew Pollack in the New York Times yesterday entitled, “Roughed Up By an Orca? There’s a Code for That” highlights some of the issues that have been discussed for awhile about ICD-10 conversion. The current deadline for conversion is still October 1, 2014 – which gives health systems, private practices and everything in between less than 10 months to be completely ready. However, there are concerns that CMS has not conducted what is referred to as “end-to-end testing” (see this letter from MGMA [MSWord document download] and summary from MedPage Today).

So…how are your preparations going? Has your EHR vendor upgraded your product to ICD-10? Have you used any of the CMS-generated ICD-10 guidance (see post from 11/20/13 on new toolkits here)?

photo credit: OpenThreads via photopin cc

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