Just About Everyone Can Agree: Engaging Consumers is Critical

National survey shows strong support for consumer engagement solutions

National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) and its partner HealthCAWS recently conducted a targeted information gathering effort to understand stakeholders’ views on the importance of consumer engagement in eHealth, their preferred tools and available solutions.  The survey findings confirm that the future of healthcare must include consumer engagement in eHealth.

Stakeholders were asked to share their experience with the role of consumer engagement in the overall transformation of healthcare, and overwhelmingly agreed that consumer engagement is a top priority:

  • 96% STRONGLY agree that engaging consumers in their care is critical to transformation
  • 86% believe consumer engagement is VERY important, the highest rank for the question, to their organization

Participants were asked to select from a list of tools and services, those that were important to their consumer engagement efforts.  The following selections were most frequently chosen as important to support an organization’s consumer engagement efforts and as a whole, indicate the need to work with multiple partners from associations, government agencies and solution service providers to engage consumers:

The responses to the NeHC survey send a clear message that consumer engagement is an important and growing area of healthcare and demonstrate that a wide variety of tools and resources are available for organizations seeking to make progress in this area.  To support their efforts, NeHC and HealthCAWS are building up the Solutions Directory feature of the NeHC Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool (CeRT) – powered by HealthCAWS – to house the largest database of consumer engagement solutions and supporters available to the healthcare community.

NeHC plays a strong role in supporting and accelerating multiple patient engagement efforts. You can learn about the CeRT Solutions Directory and NeHC’s many other patient engagement related initiatives by visiting and clicking on Consumer eHealth or emailing

John Dwyer Senior Communications Coordinator, National eHealth Collaborative.

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