EHR Feedback and Verified Physician Discussions

We relaunched this week from the Health 2.0 conference in the Silicon Valley. Users of AmericanEHR will notice several new community features, including the ability for verified physicians and EHR vendors to interact and participate in discussions. We’ve also released over three years of EHR Feedback that has never before been published.

This EHR user commentary provides a window into the challenges and frustrations that medical practices are experiencing with their EHR systems. Several common frustrations are trending in the comments, including frustration with decreased productivity, decreased time for patient engagement, and increases in administrative workload with their EHRs:

  • “Too much time with the mouse, means looking at a screen not your patient.”
  • “Extremely frustrating. Promised many things which were either late or never delivered.”
  • “EHR has decreased productivity, decreased efficiency, increased frustration, and made the doctor patient relationship much less personal.”
  • “My charting time increased from 1 hour a day to 3 hours a day and over 4 years has improved minimally.”

AmericanEHR collects EHR feedback during its “EHR Satisfaction Survey,” which is open to all physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Users are able to sort EHR feedback by EHR product and each submission is tagged with the specialty and clinical setting of the rater. Over 4,800 EHR ratings have been published on to date, and new ratings are constantly added as new users register and participate.

With the launch of our new EHR feedback and community features, AmericanEHR is the unbiased, transparent platform that clinicians can use to get a real sense of how commercial technology is performing in a clinical setting.

Physicians and health care professionals are invited to join the conversation now, and tap into the collective knowledge of America’s largest online community dedicated to health IT. Physicians logging into AmericanEHR have their credentials checked in real time against the AMA Masterfile. Once verified, they are immediately able to post comments and interact with their peers.

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