On the March Towards Stage 2

Instead of a blog,
Written one word at a time,
I offer these MU observations,
Written in rhyme.

While I tried to be thorough,
There’s much more I could say.
For now this is it…
Until another day.

On the March Towards MU Stage 2

The day we have dreaded,
Is where we are headed.
Though many have written to express reservation,
ONC and CMS have been resistant to persuasion.

January is just around the bend,
When for many, Stage 1 will end.
And every EP will need to possess,
A certified Stage 2 EHR — and no less.

You may want to worry,
And tell your EHR vendor to hurry.
Because if your vendor isn’t on time,
Surprise! It will be your “dime.”

Even if your system is upgraded and steady,
And your team’s primed and ready,
There’s so much in Stage 2 that is new.
It will change what, when, and how you do what you do.

From documentation and note-taking,
To CPOE and decision-making.
Your clinicians may quit,
And don’t forget view, download, and transmit.

While you may experience some frustration,
When completing medication reconciliation,
MU doesn’t get any kinder,
’Cause you need to send each patient a preventive care reminder.

The summary of care should help with transitions,
For patients with complex conditions.
But the clinical summary handed out in haste,
Often winds up as HIPAA-containing paper waste.

The measures of clinical care,
On the surface seem pretty fair.
But the exceptions and specs are so confusing,
That if it weren’t so sad, it would be amusing.

ONC keeps up a positive spin,
No matter the situation we’re in.
True in Stage 1 the numbers did grow,
But with Stage 2 will the growth start to slow?

So on with the march to Stage 2.
Will it be for the proud and the few?
That may well be the case,
In this invent, build, and implement (no test) race.

But do your best and be inventive,
If you’re lucky, there’s the incentive.
So proud will your practice be,
And just think — in 2 years you can do Stage 3!

This post is the personal opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the American College of Physicians (ACP).


2 responses to "On the March Towards Stage 2"
  • September 27, 2013

    We’ll be brave and inventive,
    We’ll dump CMS and its incentive,
    Its professional satisfaction we seek,
    Don’t care for some PC geek.

    Stage 3 may come,
    But stupid nerds we won’t become,
    Proud our practice will be,
    Because we cared two-hoots for stage 3!

  • October 8, 2013
    Herb K

    If we continue to bend,
    Where will it end?
    Stage 15, then twenty,
    So others make money.
    We work hard, they profit.

    Then comes MOC
    A continued symphony
    Of needless testing
    To keep us from resting.
    Stand up docs, Enough of it!

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