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Calling all Concierge & Retainer-Based Medical Practices!

(Posted on behalf of HIMSS)

HIMSS is collaborating on an academic study on “concierge” medical practices (e.g. retainer medicine, direct primary care, other types of fee for care preventative medicine). Please take a moment to complete and help promote this survey.

Eligible participants:

  • Physicians that either own or partially own the concierge practices
  • Office managers with 1+ years of experience at the practice (in lieu of the physician).
  • Any one physician at medium to large practices (greater than 10 physicians at the practice).

All responses will be anonymous and de-identified.

You will receive a small incentive (Amazon gift card or a donation to the charity of your choice) in exchange for your time and willingness to participate via email. Research is being conducted by Divya Srinivasan, PhD Public Policy Student, George Mason University.  Please contact Divya directly by email ( if you prefer to answer questions through a phone or in-person interview or have any other questions.


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  • September 30, 2013

    Thanks for sharing some impressive points of view.

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