EHR Adoption Rising, Unintended EHR Consequences, Increased MU Dropout Rate

Unintended Consequences of EHRs: Patient Safety RisksBloomberg – While EHRs have reduced errors relating to issues such as illegible handwritten prescriptions, there are also unintended consequences that can result in significant negative outcomes. Some may be related to human error, for example inputting the wrong drug information into the EHR; however, technical errors can and often do occur when sophisticated and complex technologies are implemented in new settings. Some of the issues relate to usability of the EHR system, confusing drop-down menus or delays in the reporting of diagnostic information.

EHR Meaningful Use Dropout Rate Soars in 2012 – AAFP News Now According to Jason Mitchell, M.D., director of the AAFP’s Center for Health IT, following analysis of the most recent Meaningful Use attestation data, the retention rate of attesting physicians is dropping. Of the 11,578 family physicians who attested to Meaningful Use in 2011, only 9,188 did so in 2012: a 21 percent drop in participation. Mitchell and Steven Waldren, M.D., the center’s senior strategist for healthcare IT, analyzed the raw data and determined that the overall Meaningful Use dropout rate among all physician specialties was 20 percent.

Electronic Health Record Adoption Rising Rapidly Medscape – The recently published annual report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation titled “Health Information Technology in the United States: Driving Toward Delivery System Change, 2013,” finds that in 2012 nearly 40% of office-based physicians and 44% of hospitals had adopted at least a basic electronic health record (EHR). Use of EHRs to connect with health information exchanges has risen as well. Participation among hospitals rose from 14% in 2010 to 27% in 2012, and among ambulatory practices, it went from 3% to 10%.


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