Tablet Usage by Physicians — Report & Infographic

Tablets are one of the latest technologies showing their emerging strength in the business world, but what about healthcare? Are they being used and, if so, how do these devices assist physicians in the facilitation of patient care? With those questions in mind, AmericanEHR set out and completed our latest study: “Tablet Usage by Physicians 2013.” The report has revealed some interesting and surprising insights into how physicians are using their tablet devices within their personal lives and medical practices. Physicians who use tablets and an EHR system are spending roughly 25 hours a week on their device conducting a variety of activities from banking to taking clinical photos to even directly communicating with patients.

AmericanEHR collected data from 846 health practitioners (696 physicians and 150 allied health professionals) between October and December 2012. The study reviewed the utility of tablet devices for physicians who have also adopted EHR systems and draws comparisons between non-EHR users as well as Family Practice use and Specialty use. Further analysis includes frequency of tablet activities among EHR users across different size practices and a range of other demographics including age, gender, region and practice type.

Survey Highlights

  • About 33% of EHR users and 25% of non-EHR users use a tablet device in their medical practice.
  • EHR users who also use tablets are least satisfied with “the quality of apps for my profession” (49% unsatisfied).
  • Smaller practices, defined as three doctors or fewer, are likely to conduct a broader range of activities on their tablet, such as banking, communicating with patients, or taking photos for clinical purposes.
  • About one-third of EHR users are very satisfied with their tablet device, while 44% are somewhat satisfied.

Download the full “Tablet Usage by Physicians 2013” report.


Download the full “Tablet Usage by Physicians 2013” report.



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