EHR Usability, AHRQ YouTube Channel, E-Referrals in the UK

The Slow Crawl Toward Improved EHR Usability and Interoperability – iHealthBeat (Stack, May 30). In this report, while the Medicare/Medicaid EHR incentive program is credited with accelerating adoption of health IT, it has also created negative consequences relating to the lack of interoperability and optimization of EHRs in order to meet the needs of clinicians. According to HIMSS, usability is a critical factor limiting widespread adoption of EHRs. The author recommends that while physicians are doing their best to successfully adopt health IT, more must be done to advance usability and interoperability.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released a new YouTube channel.  The channel highlights a number of Health IT success stories, for example the use of Health technology to reduce care fragmentation and quality measures for interoperable EHRs.

 E-Health Insider (UK) – ehi (Todd, May 28) reports that the National Health Service (NHS) is developing an open source” e-referrals service. The current e-booking service for outpatient appointments, Choose and Book, is built on an implementation of Cerner’s Millennium product, using the person and scheduling modules. The next version of the e-referrals service is targeted to achieve a 100% uptake that can only be accomplished by making it easier for family physicians to use and general improvements in ease of use by hospitals and patients.


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  • June 22, 2013

    We are doing all that we can in improve the usability of EHRs.

    Now that MU stage 2 funding requires a report from a summative usability test, things might be getting better.

    Remember that before you run the summative test, it is best to conduct a few formative test sessions and work out some of the “kinks” before spending the money to run a formal summative test (20 participants gets expensive!).

    There is a HUGE return on investment for money spent on usability and user experience. See

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