News on Joy, Variation in Healthcare Costs, and ICD-10

Bringing Joy Back to PracticePhysBizTech (Kearns, May 29) report on a paper published in the Annals of Family Medicine entitled, “In Search of Joy in Practice: A Report of 23 High-Functioning Primary Care Practices.” The authors conclude that, “Our observations suggest that a shift from a physician-centric model of work distribution and responsibility to a shared-care model, with a higher level of clinical support staff per physician and frequent forums for communication, can result in high-functioning teams, improved professional satisfaction, and greater joy in practice.”

Is Variation in Medicare Healthcare Costs Explained by Disease Burden – or Not? –  Center for Studying Health System Change, The Dartmouth Institute (May 29): An interesting debate on the reasons for regional variation in healthcare costs is developing. Published in Medical Care Research & Review, The Center for Studying Health System Change questions prior studies by the Dartmouth Institute. Of course, The Dartmouth Institute responded. It gets pretty technical, but for those interested in this topic, it is intriguing reading.

Preparation for ICD-10 is LaggingPhysBizTech (Weston, May 29) reported that 40% of providers responding to a survey administered by the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) did not know when they would complete their implementation and begin external testing.  These results were no better than in 2012.  One of the key points to consider is that unless clinicians start documenting sufficient detail in their clinical notes to support an ICD-10 code, claims are likely to be rejected.

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