Why Do Physicians Want to Change Their EHR? Feedback from Dissatisfied Users

A February 2013 article published in Healthcare IT News, “EHR Users Unhappy — Many Switching,” suggested that up to 17% of EHR users are considering switching their EHRs by end of 2013. AmericanEHR Partners has also been collecting data on the intention of EHR users to change their EHR systems; however, the percentages are lower than those reported through the Black Book poll. The Healthcare IT News article states, “The independent insight gathered indicates that many EHR vendors have been preoccupied with backlogged implementations and selling product that development issues have been neglected as a priority. Most concerning to current EHR users are unmet pleas for sophisticated interfaces with other practice programs, complex connectivity and networking schemes, pacing with accountable care progresses and the rapid EHR adoption of mobile devices.”

As the “intention to change an EHR” data is collected through the AmericanEHR registration process rather than via the survey questionnaire, we did not report this information as part of our recent survey results on EHR user satisfaction. Between 2010 and 2012, the percentage of physicians with an intention to change was just over 10% on average over the three years (n=493). The “intention to change EHR” percentage increased in 2012, but was not as high as the 17% number reported in the Healthcare IT Newsarticle. Based upon the AmericanEHR data, 46.65% of physicians intended to change because of a lack of specific features needed in their practice. A total of 41.58% reported poor support from their EHR vendor as the reason for change and 32.86% cited an inability to achieve Meaningful Use. A snapshot of the results are presented in the graph below:

Are you intending to change your EHR? Do your reasons to change differ from those presented in this article? Share your personal experiences.


One response to "Why Do Physicians Want to Change Their EHR? Feedback from Dissatisfied Users"
  • May 2, 2013
    Phillip Gunnell

    If a doc wants to change, its a complicated process, unmanageable for a small office staff without expertise and guidance. More often than not, once a doc chooses the EMR system, he is locked into it, indefinitely, due the complexity of data migration and the lack of cross talk between disparate systems. I would recommend standardized export format as part of the requirements of EMR system to facilitate a doc’s desire to move to a new vendor.

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