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CMS Launches New eHealth Website with Interesting Roadmap

This week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) launched a new website that aims to aggregate links and information about our “favorite” initiatives: EHR and eRX Incentive Programs, PQRS, ICD-10, administrative simplification, etc. A CMS eHealth Roadmap describes how the programs will help achieve the Triple Aim, aka Three-Part Aim (improved quality of care, improved health outcomes, and reduced costs):

According to CMS:

  1. The eHealth programs will allow safe, secure, and easy data exchange.
  2. Participation in eHealth and secure data exchange will increase care coordination, increase quality, and…
  3. Lead to payment reform through value-based modifiers, and accountable care organizations.

Check out the icon used to represent ACOs on the eHealth Roadmap. What do you think the open hand positioned like a police officer stopping traffic with a heart in the center of it is supposed to represent? Tough love?

If I were to use hands in any of these icons, it would have been in the care coordination phase — as in a handshake to represent the sharing of information with patients/families and other healthcare professionals involved in caring for a person (or population).

What do you think about the CMS eHealth site and roadmap? What icons would you use to represent these initiatives and the steps along the way? Let’s have some fun!

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