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Cost, Quality, Coding, & EHRs

Two colleagues recently posted a multi-part blog on the Doctors Helping Doctors Transform Health Care site entitled, “Does EHR Use Lead to Lower or Higher Costs?” The subtitle is, “Incorrect Assumptions Lead to Incorrect Conclusions that Misinform Policy.” Drs. Peter Basch and Michael Zaroukian review and critique the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and New York Times (NYT) articles that questioned the ability of EHRs to generate cost savings (WSJ) and the inflation of coding due to the use of EHRs (NYT).

The blog is divided into six parts:

  1. Part 1: Critique of the Wall Street Journal article
  2. Part 2: Critique of the NY Times article
  3. Part 3: Exploring the impact of EHR systems on costs and physician billing
  4. Part 4: Is repetitive or “boiler plate” documentation suggestive of fraud?
  5. Part 5: Should EHR coding decision support software be banned or further regulated?
  6. Part 6: E/M documentation guidelines, “note bloat,” and a constructive path forward

The posts are very thoughtful and worth reviewing. Trying to summarize their key points here would be doing their work a disservice.



One response to "Cost, Quality, Coding, & EHRs"
  • September 24, 2015

    An excellent article on an increasingly important issue in healthcare! We’ve got to use HIT to help automate and delegate the workflow components which don’t really need physicians so docs can spend more time with patients, and less time doing busywork! There is not a shortage of PCPs in this country, there is a shortage of using them efficiently.

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