HL7 — Caregiver Member Spotlight

Terri Monk, MD, MS, Duke University Health System

Terri Monk is a practicing anesthesiologist and professor of anesthesiology at Duke University Health System. She is also an expert in developing national standards for how anesthesiology information can and should be exchanged among providers.

In her work she has found challenges in transferring patient health information securely and accurately. For example, concepts in information systems, such as “heart rate” and “blood pressure,” often have different definitions and different field names across various providers — even within systems that have the same information system vendor.

Dr. Monk aims to improve the transfer of anesthesiology information through an active volunteer role as co chair of the Anesthesia Work Group within the Health Level Seven International data standards organization. The work group promotes and develops national standards for anesthesiology information.

“Many HL7 volunteers have technical and informatics skills that I don’t have,” said Dr. Monk. “I bring my clinical and research expertise, and we work together to solve information exchange challenges.”

Direct input and leadership from Dr. Monk and other caregivers is critical for producing information standards that truly benefit the healthcare process. If you have a passion for improving the exchange of health information, contact caregivers@hl7.org for more information about the work of HL7 or the Anesthesiology Work Group.

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