It’s Great to Be Here

A recent meeting at the White House brought together physicians at the vanguard of electronic health record system adoption and usage to discuss their broad range of experience, in particular their past successes and their current pain points. The discussion covered a vast range of issues: the absence of interoperability, poor usability, lack of needed functionality, unrealistic costs, and issues of culture, trust, competition, and collaboration.

Attendees did a lot of bragging at the event too — and with good reason. Many have done amazing things in their offices and their communities with clear vision and the right tools to achieve well defined clinical and administrative goals.

The assembled guests agreed that it is no longer a question of “if” or “when” to adopt an electronic health record system. It has clearly become an issue of “which” and “how”. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), its Center for Health IT, and TransforMED are excited to join with Cientis, ACP, and the rest of AmericanEHR Partners to bring the most unbiased, accurate, and useful information to physicians and our practices as we work to put our information house in order. EHRs represent the information foundation our practices will require to thrive in an age of value-based rather than volume-based reimbursement. But adopting an EHR is not about adopting an EHR. It is about leveraging the best tools and resources at our disposal to provide the best service possible to our patients. It is about empowering an efficient, effective, and happy staff. And it is about a sustainable work-life balance for ourselves and our families.

A comment from Greenway’s Justin Barnes and the response it elicited from the meaningful users gathered at the White House made one thing painfully clear — choose your EHR partner carefully because divorce is painful and expensive, if even possible at all. There is no perfect EHR, just as there is no perfect spouse (except for my wife, of course). The EHR decisions our practices make will impact every aspect of our clinical and business activities from the moment we turn the thing on. AmericanEHR Partners exists to help identify and prioritize what our specific practices need from an EHR system and how to begin using information management tools to deliver on the promises of higher quality at lower cost to patients and society.

The AAFP, Center for Health IT, and TransforMED look forward to meaningful, collaborative efforts with all AmericanEHR Partners to bring the right tools within the right workflows at the right price to all of the other “rights” we are striving for.


2 responses to "It’s Great to Be Here"
  • July 5, 2012
    Robert W HalstedMD CMIO/ CMO PFHC

    did not see many ” guys getting thier hands dirty ” in the EMR world. Was it all thought leaders or was there anybody there actually “doing the Heavy lifting”

  • July 6, 2012
    Jason Mitchell, MD

    There were “thought” leaders AND “action” leaders in attendance. From my (biased) perspective, no one has more EHR “heavy lifting” to do than solo/small practice primary care docs and there were several making great contributions to the discussion at the WH.

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