Request a Proposal from EHR Vendors

Looking for an EHR? The “Request a Proposal” feature simplifies and automates the process of contacting a vendor for information on their EHR product. Designed for practice managers, physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.


  • Takes five minutes to complete.
  • You can contact up to three EHR vendors at a time.
  • Don’t want to manage the requests yourself? Designate a different contact within your practice.
  • Includes expert guidance — 16 questions you should consider when purchasing an EHR.
  • Automatically populates the request with your practice demographics. You can select your contact preferences (email or phone).
  • Track the progress of your requests in your RFP dashboard.
  • Receive email notification when your request has been acknowledged by each vendor.

Look for the Request a Proposal button in the side-by-side comparison and on EHR product pages.

The typical proposal request is 1–2 pages. View an Example

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