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EHR Ratings Enhanced — Benchmarks and Variable Filters

A number of enhancements to the EHR Ratings are now available. AmericanEHR Partners uses a five point rating scale to report EHR satisfaction ratings across 12 categories including Satisfaction, Overall Usability, Support Experience, and nine others. Until now, it has not been possible to compare an EHR product rating to a benchmark measure.

With the release of EHR Benchmark Ratings (Figure 1), you can compare any EHR product that has received 10 or more verified ratings against an industry average score in each of these categories. (The Benchmark Rating is the average cumulative score for all approved ratings, across all EHR products in a selected category.) In addition to side-by-side EHR comparisons, it is now possible to determine whether an EHR performs above or below the Benchmark average.

Figure 1

Variable practice size filters are now also available across all EHR product pages for all practice sizes (1–3, 4–10, 11–25 and 25+). Limit your search to a single practice size, or choose a combination of two or more practice size filters simultaneously. For example, if you want to view EHR ratings for 1–3 and 4–10 and 11–25 clinicians (Figure 2), you can now view the combined score for your selected criteria. Until removed, these filters persist as you view individual product pages, do side-by-side comparisons, or compare against Benchmark ratings.

Figure 2

Use the newly updated EHR Product Comparison to quickly compare products side by side, or the EHR Advanced Search to refine your search criteria.

With hundreds or certified EHR products now available, you may know either the vendor name or the product name. You now have the ability to search the EHR Product List or the EHR Vendor Directory (Figure 3). The Vendor Directory provides additional information on the number of EHR products offered by each company.

Figure 3

At AmericanEHR Partners, we continuously strive to provide useful features that enhance the ability of users to evaluate EHR functionality and user satisfaction. If you have comments or questions regarding the ratings or any of these features, send an email to info@americanehr.com. Add your comments below.

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