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VistA Getting an Upgrade

Healthcare IT News reported this week that the Veterans Administration is seeking input from industry on the features/functionality necessary to upgrade the scheduling component of the VA VistA EHR.

The goal of this RFI is to support VA’s market research in developing a procurement framework that may be used for a subsequent acquisition.

More detail is in the request for information (RFI) posted at FedBizOpps. The specific document referenced can be found here.

An essential component of VistA is the Medical Scheduling Package (MSP), via which VA performs multiple interrelated functions to bring patients, clinicians and other resources together so care can be delivered. The MSP also captures data which allows VA to measure, manage and improve access to care, quality of care, efficiency of care delivery and operating and capital resources.

VA’s existing MSP is more than a quarter century old. It is highly inefficient and no longer effectively supports the multiple linkages needed to engage patients, clinicians and ancillary services and support new models of clinical care delivery.

The RFI also includes information about an attempt to replace the MSP that was ended in 2000 after spending more than $127 million.

For those of you using VistA, what would you like to see with respect to upgrades to the scheduling package in VistA?

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