Enhanced Ratings

Enhancements to EHR Satisfaction Ratings

In our ongoing effort to improve the quality and comprehensiveness of EHR Satisfaction Ratings, we have added new features that will enhance your ability to evaluate satisfaction data.

New Features

Satisfaction ratings now include the total number of ratings for each category of questions (“n” value) as well as the total number of ratings submitted for individual questions in each category. By providing more detail, the “n” value is useful when evaluating an EHR product (Image 1). In addition, the “n” value provides an estimation of how many raters are using a specific feature of an EHR product (Image 2).

Total Number of Ratings for Each Category (Image 1)

Enhanced Ratings

Total Number of Ratings for Each Question [Expanded View] (Image 2)

Ratings per Question

Satisfaction Rating Overview

  • There is no cost to view the satisfaction ratings, but a user account is required (sign up or log in).
  • EHR satisfaction ratings are clinician driven.
  • 36 EHR Products now have more than a minimum of 10 verified raters necessary to display satisfaction ratings.
  • Rating data is collected by surveying clinicians (physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners) in conjunction with their professional society.
  • Each rating is verified and checked for bias using a comprehensive verification system before the data is published.
  • Rating data is continuously added to the total within one week of being submitted.
  • Rating data is collected for all ambulatory EHR systems that have received a current national certification.
  • In addition to viewing the detailed satisfaction ratings, participating EHR products can be compared side by side by clicking on the Compare button.
  • Satisfaction ratings can be viewed for non-participating EHR products; however, these products cannot be compared side by side with other products, as the product information for comparison needs to be provided by the EHR vendor.
  • A verified EHR user can return at any time to update their EHR rating. The most current rating overrides any previous rating ensuring that a verified user can only present a single rating for their EHR product.

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  • December 5, 2011
    Janice Humphries

    What a great resource! It’s great to find one site that does a comprehensive evaluation of EHR systems. Keep up the good work!

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