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E-Prescribing — What Do Your Peers Think?

One of the great values of AmericanEHR Partners is the collective resources brought to users of EHRs through our relationship with a wide range of professional organizations across many specialties. The American Academy of Dermatology has just joined AmericanEHR Partners and brings a rich set of resources to physicians and other clinical and administrative users of EHRs.

With the focus on E-Prescribing (see recent AmericanEHR article “Warning! Act Now to Avoid the E-Rx Penalty”), many physicians are considering whether to implement an EHR or select one of the free E-Prescribing solutions available as an interim measure as they prepare for their EHR. These are judgement calls that have to be made by individual practices based on their current state and the potential impact of the E-Rx penalties.

The American Academy of Dermatology provides a resource center for E-Prescribing and, in particular, I would like to highlight a section entitled Peer Perspectives. In this section they describe their prescription volume, which EHR they are using, and their experiences with an EHR and E-Prescribing.

Click here to visit Peer Perspectives.

Do you have particular experiences with E-Prescribing that have been positive or negative? Share your experiences by adding a comment.


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  • January 10, 2012
    electronic prescribing

    I love how the medical field is turning towards electronic prescribing. Makes things a lot easier and also makes it harder for criminals to forge prescriptions. I am going to look more into this software. Thanks for sharing.

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