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AmericanEHR Featured in Electronic Health Records for Dummies

Can EHRs be implemented using a reference guide? Anita Samarth and Dr. Trenor Williams, co-founders of Clinovations, a Washington DC-based healthcare and IT consulting group, are the authors of Electronic Health Records for Dummies.

Williams and Samarth methodically walk a potential purchaser and EHR user through the selection, adoption, and use of EHRs. The AmericanEHR Readiness Assessment and Advanced Search are referenced as featured resources.

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One response to "AmericanEHR Featured in Electronic Health Records for Dummies"
  • May 24, 2011
    Thomas Stringham

    I’d like to congratulate Anita and Trenor from Clinovations on this great project. EHR adoption is one of the most critical issues facing practices across North America right now, and we need more resources like this to empower physicians so that they can make well educated decisions on their EHR journey.

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