New CMS Meaningful Use Calculator Available — Try It!

If you have been struggling to determine if your practice will meet Stage 1 MU requirements, this new calculator may be just the tool you need. I just heard from a colleague via email who wrote, “I have been racking my brains to figure a way to verify the attestation before I actually did it and this is great news. I tried it and it works GREAT!” So…I had to try it myself. 

Here’s where you start… choosing whether you are an eligible professional or hospital:

Then you proceed through the Core and Menu measures.  The site is very straightforward. I went through the process and purposefully entered numerators and denominators that would not meet the criteria for some measures to see what would happen. About the only confusing part was that in the Menu options you need to select the specific measure you want to report on AND enter the data required. Doing the latter without the former resulted in an error message.

Once I corrected that mistake, the report generated was nicely done.  Here’s part of the report:

Below this summary, the site produces a question-by-question report. See this example:

As I scrolled down to see all of my responses, each was highlighted as in the example above. At the end was an option to reset all of my responses — which when clicked, took me back to the very beginning.

Bravo, CMS. This should be very helpful to practices wanting to test themselves before going through the attestation process for 2011.

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