NEJM — Tapping the Unmet Potential of Health Information Technology

In a March 25, 2011 Perspective in the New England Journal of Medicine, author Ann S. O’Malley provides an overview of the opportunities presented through the effective use of health information technology with a number of insightful observations, including the following:

  • The inability for current commercially available EHRs to provide or link to decision support systems, particularly in the management of patients with chronic diseases.
  • The need for primary care physicians to focus on patient populations in addition to individual patients as they strive to become medical homes.
  • The need to have measurable metrics in order to report on quality.
  • The overwhelming challenge of adopting EHRs for many clinicians in small primary care practices.
  • The need for continued research into the design of EHR and IT systems in order to better support clinicians in the delivery of care.

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