Looking for Specifications on Meaningful Use Metrics?

Are you struggling with the meaningful use metrics? Wondering what are the Core Set and Menu Set options? What does a clinical summary after a visit need to include (#13)? When does an electronic copy of health information need to be supplied and within how many days(#12)?  What CDS rules count for clinical decision support (#11)? The list goes on.

Fortunately, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has posted a document with links to all of the necessary specification lists for each of the MU measures.

The Table of Contents (TOC) can be found here. Through the TOC you can find the specific information.  However, if you want to download all of the specification sheets for the Core and Menu Sets, the zip file is can be accessed at the bottom of the TOC.  A slide show summarizing the Stage 1 requirements is here.

The CMS resource page for the clinical measures is here.

I hope these links will help AmericanEHR users save some time surfing for answers.  Let us know if you’ve found other good sources of information.

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