Government Health IT – CMS to Publish Meaningful Use Clarifications

There has been rising criticism of the language used to describe meaningful use objectives and measures. In response, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) plans will soon publish clarifications to the meaningful use final rule and will correct some inconsistencies that currently exist.

The Health IT Policy Committee’s workgroup met on September 22nd and has begun work on the second stage of meaningful use which will come into effect in the 2013.

Government Health IT – Sept 23rd: Paul Tang, chairman of the meaningful use work group, reminded the panel of its main goal: to move clinical practices operating without EHRs into the digital age.

“We want to pay particular attention to smaller practices and hospitals,” said Tang, who is also chief medical information officer of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. “We want to raise the tides but not sink the boats.”

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